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Product RTST Automotive

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform(AP) Solution

We provide RTST AUTOSAR adaptive platform solutions with RTST AP Configurator and RTST AP IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

RTST AP Configurator

Eclipse-based AUTOSAR Model (ARXML) design, configuration, and code generation tool for developing AUTOSAR adaptive applications

Main Features

  • System-level design for AUTOSAR AP
    • Machine
    • Communication Channel
    • Diagnostics
  • Application-level design for AUTOSAR AP
    • Software Component
    • Data Type
    • Service Interface
  • Manifest generation for configuring AUTOSAR AP
    • Machine Manifest
    • Execution Manifest
    • Service Instance Manifest
  • Skeleton/Proxy code generation


AUTOSAR AP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supporting AUTOSAR Model(ARXML)

Main Features

  • Edit and build source code based on Eclipse
  • Debug using virtual machines
  • Various target ECU support based on Yocto project

RTST AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

Supporting Specification

  • AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform R18-10

Main Features

  • AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform specification compliant architecture design
  • Automotive functional safety standard (ISO 26262) ASIL C level
  • Autonomous driving software support with standard sensor/simulator interface
  • Service-based communication (SOME/IP, DDS, HTTP) support
  • POSIX-based operating system (LINUX, RTWORKS) support


  • Intel MinnowBoard
  • Renesas ARM R-Car H3 Starter Kit
  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

AUTOSAR Classic Platform Solution

We provide RTST AUTOSAR classic platform based on Comasso’s AUTOSAR BSW modules and configuration tool

AUTOSAR Classic Platform

Supporting Specification

  • AUTOSAR Classic Platform R4.0.2

Main Features

  • AUTOSAR Classic Platform specification compliant architecture design
  • AUTOSAR OS (SC1~SC4) support based on RTWORKS
  • AUTOSAR RTE code generation for Software Component


  • Infineon TriCore 27x
  • ARM Cortex-M

AUTOSAR CP Engineering Services

  • AUTOSAR Flash Bootloader HAL development (ST Chorus SPC58X)
  • AUTOSAR OS porting (Broadcom BCM89103)
  • Automation of functional verification in various MCUs for AUTOSAR BSW modules